Deputy Secretary General

Samuel Oh

Dear delegates, student officers, administrative staff, distinguished guests, and advisors,


My name is Samuel Oh, a junior at Gyeonggi Suwon International School, and it is with great excitement to welcome you to the inaugural GSISMUN as the Deputy Secretary General. 


In a world with divisive leaders and partisan governments, the need for international cooperation has never been more important. Whether it be with climate change, with economic policies, or with poverty, there remains a consensus that something must be done but nothing has been agreed upon. After years of research into climate change, we remain in a world filled with those opposing renewable sources of energy. After years of plans to eradicate poverty worldwide, over 700 million people still embattle the fight to survive each day.


This predicament best describes the importance of this year's theme: "Our Common Future." Rather than the self-serving intentions of our modern day, it is vital to reflect upon the bigger picture and the future that we share and will be held accountable for. As such, GSISMUN I aim to foster understanding of these vital global issues and instigate change in a world stagnated by opposing ideologies. 


I feel that this aspect of empathy that is deeply ingrained in what Model United Nations truly symbolises. It serves as an opportunity to understand the entire spectrum of thought and why countries, as absurd as some of their decisions may seem, have legitimate rationale behind them. 


As we spend one day to educate and debate upon vital topics, I hope delegates will better understand the importance of sustainability in our common future.


See you soon!




Samuel Oh

Deputy Secretary General of GSISMUN I

Gyeonggi Suwon International School '21