Economic and Social Council

Dear Delegates,

Hello! I am Seoyun (Katie) Kim, a sophomore at Seoul International School, and I feel honored to serve as the President of the Economic and Social Council for GSISMUN II. I was first introduced to MUN as a naive middle school student who dreamed of single-handedly resolving global crises. I quickly realized that alleviating crises requires a team effort. Therefore, I hope you will cooperate with others when tackling the agendas of this iteration's ECOSOC: ensuring stability for post-Covid-19 economies and addressing the influence of automation in the workforce.

In light of an eventful 2020, the GSISMUN II theme is "Chaos | Complacency | Creativity." The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has induced worldwide economic instability. International trade is rapidly declining, and unemployment rates are skyrocketing. Thus, discussing how to reopen economies post-COVID-19 is very critical in modern-day society. Furthermore, the twenty-first century is the age of automation. Developments in technology are severely altering the workforce, and the international community must keep up with these changes to ensure job security. To address both of these matters, you must be willing to think outside the box and present creative yet realistic solutions. The chairs are looking for delegates who do not have a complacent attitude toward these urgent global issues. 

I wish nothing but the best for your GSISMUN II experience—so prepare well and actively participate. 


Seoyun (Katie) Kim


President of the Economic and Social Council

Assistant President

Minhong Kim



Katie Kim

Deputy Assistant President

Daniel Shin



  • Ensuring stability for post-Covid-19 economies


  • Automation in the workforce