World Health Organization

Dear delegates, 


With the utmost excitement, I’d like to welcome all to the second annual session of Gyeonggi Suwon International School Model United Nations (GSISMN). My name is Paulina Jung, currently a Junior attending the International School of Qingdao (ISQ) and it is my privilege and honor to serve you as the president of the World Health Organization (WHO) during GSISMUN II. 

Although this is my first GSISMUN, I am thrilled to bring my MUN experiences as president of WHO. Above all, I am excited to meet, work, and learn from you all! I hope to make this experience not only rewarding but also thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved.

From starting as a delegate of Zambia of Human Rights Council (HRC) at Tianjin MUN (TIANMUN) to being president of WHO, I have experienced all the various aspects of MUN conferences and gained affections for GSISMUN even more throughout the 4 years of my MUN career. I have experienced both the anxiety as a beginner and the excitement as a delegate of a P5 nation in the Special Conference. Therefore, I wish that everyone, no matter what position you hold, will enjoy this conference that is possible only through the hard work of many. GSISMUN II will help you to understand the international society’s issue and encourage you to use all of your skills in order to express your thoughts and a possible solution that may improve the whole nation to a large degree.

Going into the conference, while it’s important to be prepared, everyone should come in with as many things to ask as things to say. I hope that everyone who attends the conference will not just demonstrate what they know, but  grow as both leaders and people. As the GSISMUN II theme states “Chaos | Complacency | Creativity”, it is your goal to safeguard peace, to protect human rights, to establish the framework for international justice, and to promote economic and special progress. The key to these goals is in your own hands.

Of course, it can be tough to debate controversial issues with people that delegates are not familiar with. Yet, it may also bestow a chance to build relationships, getting to know passionate delegates from other schools to discuss worldwide issues. So delegates, please feel free to enjoy GSISMUN and to express yourself to your fullest extent. Indeed, three days of the conference may seem extremely long but once delegates allow themselves to be engrossed in the issue and the debate, time will fly.

Once again, welcome to GSISMUN 2021! I am thrilled to share this experience with you and am more than happy to help with anything you may need between now and the time of the conference. Do not hesitate to reach out regarding research, position papers, or any other questions you may have, on behalf of our student officers team – welcome to GSISMUN II!


Paulina Jung, 

President, WHO

Assistant President

Michelle Bok



Paulina Jang

Deputy Assistant President

Sahngwon Lee




  • Effective distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

  • Creating preventive infrastructure for future pandemics